3D Rose Ice Cube Mold
3D Rose Ice Cube Mold
3D Rose Ice Cube Mold
3D Rose Ice Cube Mold

3D Rose Ice Cube Mold

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  • Enjoy the frozen rose drink!

With our advanced 3D rose ice cube molds, you can create charming rose shapes and slow-melting ice hockey balls to pair with your favorite whiskey, coffee, and juice for a romantic date night or bachelor party.


With longer diameters than usual, the sparkling ice allows instant cooling and slow melting, without weakening your drink.



Made with food grade BPA Free and FDA-certified silicone, it is safe for daily use, leakproof and tasteless.

  • feature:
    Romantic frozen rose:
    Make impressive frozen roses for unique cocktails. The ice slips out of the mold easily, leaving very delicate flowers.
  • To cool any beverage:
    The size fits your favorite low glasses or high glasses. Ice can cool beverages quickly without melting, and can provide long-lasting, refreshing beverages. Very suitable for iced tea, cold brew coffee, soda, lemonade, punches, etc.
  • 100% safe:
    Durable food grade molds are BPA-free. Reusable and durable. Non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Easy to use:
    Just 3 steps-fill, freeze and push to get the puck.

  • Large ice hockey:
    It has a long melting time and will not dilute the beverage.
  • Multifunction :
    It is very suitable for all wines, non-alcoholic beverages and even cold food for your kids.
    Wide temperature range:
    The temperature range is -40°C to 220°C. Suitable for dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators.


Material: Food grade silicone
White color
S: 3.2cm * 2.7cm
M: 4.8cm * 4.1cm
L: 6.1cm * 5.1cm

    • The package includes:

      1pc x 3D rose ice cube mold (small)
      1 x 3D rose ice cube mold (medium)
      1 x 3D rose ice cube mold (large)

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